What we do

• Legal advice on all legal matters.
• Representing clients before.
• Judiciary entities and courts of all kinds such as :
Court of First Instance, Civil Court, Criminal Court, Investment and
Trade Court, Courts of Felony and Misdemeanor, Court of Appeal,
Court of Cassation.
• All judicial committees especially Conflict Resolution Committees
on lease and labor matters.
• Public Prosecution and Police Stations.
• Discussion meetings with experts.
• All public and private entities.
• Registering cases and following up with courts and judicial committees.
• Filing all criminal reports and complaints with various authorities. • Preparing and drafting legal memorandums and responses.
• Preparing settlements

■ The Firm provides corporate services such as preparing and drafting the following:
■ All agreements and partnership agreements between individuals and companies.
■ Partner’s decisions regarding the companies or submitted to private and public entities.
■ Minutes of Ordinary General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting.
■ Memorandum of Agreement of all kinds of companies and their amendments.
■ Share Sale Agreements.
■ Power of Attorney.
■ Conducting all commercial registry operations, such as capital amendment, adding and removing managers, and owner amendments.
■ Conducting all procedures of incorporation of:
■ Companies of all types, whether owned by Qataris, Gulf nationals, or foreigners, and gaining all necessary permits until the company’s commercial registration is issued.
■ Foreign representative offices.
■ Gulf and foreign companies’ branches.
■Registration of the trademarks.
■Providing legal advice and consultations on all legal issues

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